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EOSC Covid-19 survey

Supporting the initiative of the EC for establishment of a European COVID-19 data prlatfor, the Ministry of education and science, through its nominated national representatives in the EOSC Governance board, initiates gathering of infomation for all national relevant research activities and resources that can be put at the disposal for the research of the  COVID-19 pandemics and SARS-CoV-2 virus.

EC, in collaboration with the EOSC GB, initiated the establishment of the European COVID-19 data platform, and mandated the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI https://www.embl.org/news/science/embl-ebi-leads-international-collaboration-to-share-covid-19-research-data/) as main coordinator. 

At the meeting of the EOSC GB held on March 25th 2020, representatives of the memeber countries and associated members, with Republic of North Macedonia being among them, supportet this initiative and accepted the resposibility to gather the relevant national information.

The European COVID-19 data plaform will be focused on gathering and sharing clinical and epdemiological data sets in order to accelerate the research in finding the cure for SARS-CoV-2, as well as for fighting the COVID-19 pandemics. Beside the relevant datasets, countries are advised to to put at the disposal their e-infrastructures, with special focus on advanced computational resources. Althrough of primary interest are biomedical data, the platform is also concerned with gathering other research activities, such as societal, economical and educational aspects of the crisis. 

Republic of North Macedonia can give its contribution toward the establishment of this platfom. Toward this, we would like to invite you as national researchers and research teams to fill in this survey, not later then 10.04.2020 and help the global community in fighthing the pandemic. 



Svetlana Pineva, Minsitry of education and science, svetlana.pineva@mon.gov.mk

Anastas Mishev, Faculty of computer science and engineering, UKIM, anastas.mishev@finki.ukim.mk

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